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ASP 07401 Red Training Gun Aid - Model Remington 870


Product Description


SAFE, VISIBLE AND REALISTIC. ASP longarm red gun training aids are valuable additions, they are ideal for all types of scenario training including weapon retention training, disarming & room clearances and any sudden assault training.

All too frequently, law enforcement officers have been killed in a training environment with “unloaded” firearms. Red handled weapons become indistinguishable from live firearms when held in the hand. Aluminum castings are heavy and cannot be distinguished from stainless weapons at a distance.  

Officers must acquire weapon safety skills for use whilst moving, when searching and during room clearance procedures. ASP Red weapons allow the safe means of training law enforcement and security personnel to handle, transport, retain and present weapons.

When training must be intense and has to be safe you can't afford less than ASP.

The non-flexible ASP Red training gun is a rugged, lightweight replicas that are precisely detailed to create a safe training environment it allows officers to rehearse responses to attacks and drills including edged weapon attacks. The red polymer and the manner in which these training aids are reinforced allow them to withstand the daily abuses of the training environment in which they are used. 

The red gun series is lightweight and readily distinguishable as a training weapon. In addition, the extreme detail and precision manufacture of these training devices allows their use in weapon retention and holster security drills.

Key Features

  • Model Remington 870
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Exact look & feel of real equipment
  • Red non flexible polymer construction
  • No sharp edges to harm user or assailants 
  • Realistic lightweight simulated urethane replica
  • Ideal for security, law enforcement & military tactical training
  • Identical to duty firearms in dimension, control placement and handling
  • Safe to the public & in the training environment
  • Colour readily Identifies gun as training aid

Contents Includes

  • 1 x ASP 07401 Red Training Gun Aid - Model Remington 870

**Please Note** Via Special Order Only

**Please Note** Due to current legislation pertaining to the sale and possession of prohibited, controlled or restricted weapons "Simulated Training Guns" these items are only available for purchase to authorised Government departments and valid industry/license holders. Before making any purchase please click Here or visit our General Information page on this site to see if you qualify, for all other enquires please contact our customer service center during normal office hours.

Product Code: 7401

Manufacturer: ASP

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