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Spec Sheets & Catalogues

Law Enforcement Equipment. You’re Link to an Extensive Range of Police, Tactical, Security & Emergency Services Equipment Gear. 

PDF Spec, Fact & Sell Sheets

Torches & Lighting
ASP Tactical Light Case (TLC)
ASP Triad USB Flashlight
ASP Tactical Baton Triad
ASP Tactical Baton Triad 2
ASP Sapphire USB Wearable Light
Inova 24/7 Emergency Light
ASP Leverloc Batons
ASP Friction Loc Batons
ASP Engraved Baton Grips
ASP P12 & P16 Concealable Batons
ASP Talon Airweight Disc Loc Baton
ASP Talon Disc Loc Baton Locking Features
Baton Accessories
ASP Baton Caps
ASP Baton Grip Caps
ASP Baton Breakaway Caps
ASP Baton Breakaway Cap Facts
ASP Baton Leverage Caps
ASP Baton Clip Assembly
ASP Tactical Chained Handcuffs
ASP Tactical Hinged Handcuffs
ASP Rigid Handcuffs
ASP Security Handcuffs
ASP Identifier Handcuffs
ASP Aluminum Handcuffs
ASP Tri-Fold Restraints
ASP Training Restraints
ASP Handcuff Advantages
SAF-LOK MK4 Chained Handcuffs
SAF-LOK MK5 Hinged Handcuffs
Peerless Chained Handcuffs P010 Series
Peerless Chained Handcuffs 700B-701B & 750B Series
Peerless Chained Handcuffs 700B-6X & 702B-6X Series
Peerless Chained Handcuffs 702B & 752B Oversize
Peerless Hinged Handcuffs 801B-802B & 850B Series
Training Equipment
ASP Red Gun Training Equipment
ASP Presentable Training Batons
ASP Training Restraints
ASP Training Posters
Handcuff Keys
ASP Handcuff Keys
Peerless Handcuff Keys
Duty Gear Cases & Pouches
ASP Tactical Light Case (TLC)
ASP Baton Scabbards
ASP Handcuff Cases
Traser P5900 Type 3 Military Watch
Traser P6600 Type 6 MIL-G Military Watch
Traser P6600 Red Combat Professional Watch
Traser P6600 Sand Professional Watch
Traser Officer Chronograph Pro Professional Watch
Traser Officer Pro Professional Watch
Tactical & Fire Retardant Footwear
Magnum MEE900 Elite EMS CT CP Scuff Toe Boot
Magnum MFE920 Fire Shield Wildland CT WPi Boot
Magnum MPO100 Pro EMS Double Side Zip CT ST Boot
Magnum MFE858 Stealth Force 8.0 SZ WPi Boot
Magnum MFE820 Stealth Force 8.0 SZ CT Boot
Magnum MFE850 Stealth Force 8.0 Full Leather Boot
Magnum MFE855 Stealth Force 8.0 SZ Full Leather Boot
Shooting & Safety Eyewear
Bolle Sidewinder Safety Glasses
Hand Held Metal Detectors
Garrett Super Scanner Hand Held Metal Detector
Garrett Super Wand Hand Held Metal Detector
Garrett CSI Pro Pointer Hand Held Metal Detector
Garrett THD Hand Held Metal Detector
Seeker Hand Held Metal Detectors
Seeker One Hand Held Metal Detectors
Seeker Plus Hand Held Metal Detectors
Gun Safety Cases & Locks
Life Jacket Locking Firearm Safety Cases
Life Jacket LJ1 Polycarbonate Gun Security Case
Life Jacket LJ2 Steel Gun Security Case
Radio Accessories
TMK Tactical Mic Klips
UHF Radios
FDP EMS 40/80/120CH 5W UHF Handheld Two Way Radio
FDP 80CH 5W UHF Handheld Two Way Radio



Product Catalogues & Manuals

Product Catalouges
Peerless Handcuff Product Catalouge
Smith & Wesson Handcuff Product Catalouge
(TCH) Total Control Handcuff Product Catalouge
Inova LED Torch Product Catalouge
Led Lenser Torch Product Catalouge
Led Lenser SEO Headlamps
Rothco Product Catalouge
Safariland Master Catalouge
Uncle Mike's LE GEAR Product Catalouge
Hellweg International Product Capability Detail
Product Manuals
Peerless Leg Iron Manual
Peerless Hinged Handcuff Manual
Peerless Chain Link Handcuff Manual
SAF LOK MK4 MK5 Handcuff Manual
Sizing Charts
Selection & Application Guide to Personal Body Armour
511 Tactical Clothing Size Fit Chart Mens
511 Tactical Clothing Size Fit Chart Womens
Damascus Glove Size Fit Chart
TurtleSkin Glove Size Fit Chart
Books & Manuals
Warranty Forms






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