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PRO-DUTY Plain Leather Note Book Cover With Security Officer/Crowd Controller Australia Official Note Book - Kit


Product Description


PRO-DUTY Plain Leather Security Note Book Cover - Black

The PRO-DUTY leather note book cover is the ideal field accessory for any on or off duty professional. Carry and protect your note book, store either cards or licences inside the internal top cover for that added touch.

Manufactured from genuine leather with a plain black finish and measuring only 140 x 85mm in size, The PRO-DUTY note book cover fits neatly in your uniform or cargo pocket.

Complete any mission knowing you can always rely on PRO-DUTY for quality at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • PRO-DUTY embossed logo
  • Plain black genuine leather finish
  • Cover is stitched with heavy duty nylon thread
  • Internal top pocket allows you to store either cards or licences 
  • Designed to carry official security officer note books also sold within our store
  • PRO-DUTY Model: 12715

LAWGEAR Security Officer/Crowd Controller Australia Official Note Book

The LAWGEAR generic licensed security officer/crowd controller Australia official notebook is a must have for all on duty security personnel and crowd controllers.

Each book is individually numbered and features fifty lined and consecutive numbered court admissible pages. If you are a security officer giving evidence in court this notebook will allow you to provide an accurate documented, record of events. 

The internal front cover contains a section allowing you to record all your personal information, name, notebook serial number, start and end date, if found please phone, or mail to.............. . There is also an emergency numbers index with extra lines added providing officers enough space to record additional information like phone numbers etc. 

The internal rear cover features the Alpha to Zulu phonetic alphabet, with a provided reference to commonly used radio key words. In addition on the internal rear cover flap we have also provided a bomb threat checklist.

The external rear cover flap provides officers with essential information when fulfilling shifts and writing reports, it contains a key notebook entries list of things to consider for every shift and every report entry, there is also a concept for report writing reference guide contained at the bottom of the page.........

This will be the only notebook you will ever require when asked to report or respond to emergency situations. 

Book Key Features

  • Durable cover and binding
  • Australia court admissible issue
  • Each book is individually numbered
  • 50 Individually double sided lined and numbered pages
  • Each book can also be individually number by companies

Book Pages

  • Front Cover: Licensed Security Officer Australia Official Note Book / Note Book No....... 
  • Inside Front Cover: Personal Information / Emergency Numbers List / Enough Space for Additional Information
  • Inside Rear Cover: The Phonetic Alphabet / Commonly Used Radio Key Words
  • Inside Rear Cover Flap: Bomb Threat Checklist
  • Outside Rear Cover Flap: Key Notebook Entries Check List / Concept for Report Writing

Ideal For:

  • Official quick note taking
  • Mobile patrol officers and static guards  
  • Event management staff, crowd controllers 
  • Private investigators, Insurance agents
  • Undercover officers

Note Book Specs

  • 125 x 85 x 7mm
  • 50 pages 

Note Book Cover Specs

  • 140mm x 85mm

Contents Includes

  • 1 x PRO-DUTY Plain Leather Security Note Book Cover - Black
  • 1 x LAWGEAR Security Officer/Crowd Controller Australia Official Note Book

**Please Note** The PRO-DUTY note book cover has been designed to fit specially cut LAWGEAR official note books sold within our store, if you intend to purchase extra note books please click here to ensure that you purchase the correct note book designed to fit this cover.

Product Code: 12715C

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