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Product Details

Trailblazer Field Message Note Book Grid Lined x 1


Product Description


This grid lined field message note book is a must have for anybody that needs to quickly jot down notes or draw scaled grid drawings.

Provided with enough space to quickly record any important information, this sturdy and durable field message note book also allows you to duplicate any written note when utilizing the conveniently provided carbon copy paper located within the rear cover.  

Key Features

  • Ideal for scaled drawings 
  • Single sided 5mm grid pattern
  • 130 Individually grid lined pages
  • Carbon copy paper located in rear cover
  • Enough space provided to record all required information     
  • Handy cargo pocket size 150 x 106 x 15mm
  • Durable hard cover and binding

Ideal For:

  • Quick note taking
  • Military, Law Enforcement & Security Personnel


  • 150 x 106 x 15mm
  • 100 pages 

Contents Includes

  • 1 x Trailblazer Field Message Note Book Grid Lined

Product Code: 1MB



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