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Hellweg Covert Body Armour


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Since 1982 Hellweg has produced products of quality with efficiency and safety in mind. For the protection and safety of their valued customers.

The Hellweg's hercules covert body armour has been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of police, security and defence personnel. It has been developed to maximise protection whilst offering the utmost comfort to the wearer.


  • Various threat levels available
  • Light weight and flexible materials
  • Protection against club or glass assault
  • Additional III-A protection of vital organs option available
  • Injury protection in motor vehicle or motorcycle accidents
  • Blade safe flexible knife proof insert or full vest option available
  • Ceramic plates for protection against armour piercing projectiles option available
  • Tested and certified to US NIJ 0101.04 required standards
  • All vests comply to Australian clothing standards
  • 1 year warranty on fabric carrier garments
  • 10 year warranty on ballistic panels
  • Hellweg product liability insurance to $5m                     

**Please Note** Due to current legislation pertaining to the sale and possession of prohibited weapons "Balistic Vests" these items are only available for purchase to authorised departments and valid license holders.

To purchase these items you will be required to provide us with valid purchase documentation by way of a prohibited weapons permit in the state you reside in, for all other enquires including pricing please contact our customer service center during normal office hours.

Please refer to our general information page by cliking here for further details.

Email enquiries to: [email protected]

Product Code: HELLWEG-CBA

Manufacturer: HELLWEG

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