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ASP Hinged Steel Bow Training Handcuffs - Red


Product Description


ASP red training restraints are identical to their operational counterparts. They can be cased, carried and presented in the same manner as their tactical twin. Rapidly applied and specifically designed to law enforcement standards, their bright color allows them to be readily distinguishable as a training aid. 

ASP hinged red training restraints are applied using the same rock & lock handcuffing procedure. They may then be rapidly removed using the rotary release technique.

All ASP training restraint pawls are designed to disengage when subjected to continuous back pressure, handcuffed students need only roll the wrists to release the cuffs. Training cuffs may also be double locked. Once the secondary lock is activated, cuffs can only be removed by using a key to release the pawl. This design feature allows progressive restraint training.

During ASP handcuff training, students initially apply restraints to training batons and remove the cuffs by sliding them off, Next, students apply restraints to other trainees, having the student remove the cuffs by rotating their wrists.

Finally, hard cuffs are applied and double locked. Double and single locks are released with a key that is turned in the direction of the bow. This progressive training system maximizes restraint application while allowing officers to practice all components of the handcuff skill set.

Key Features

  • Hinged design
  • Serial numbered
  • Single locking pawl
  • Computer engineered
  • Light weight & hardened 
  • Dual sided cuff key access 
  • Heat treated internal lockworks
  • Double locking colored indicators
  • Key & slot lock - double locking mechanism
  • High contact conical bows with radiused edges
  • Lightweight polymer over layed stainless frame
  • Fabricated from the finest quality stainless steel
  • Can be double locked for use in progressive restraint training 
  • Ideal for security, law enforcement & military tactical training teams 
  • Identical to duty counterparts in dimension, control placement and handling 
  • Safe to the public & in the training environment 
  • Colour readily identifies cuffs as training aids
  • Rock & lock handcuffing procedure 

Contents includes

  • 1 x Set of ASP Hinged Steel Bow Training Handcuffs - Red

PLEASE NOTE! Due to current legislation pertaining to the sale and possession of prohibited, controlled or restricted weapons "Training Restraints" these items are only available for purchase to authorised departments and valid license holders. To see if you qualify please refer to our weapons category in the "INFO" area on this site, for all other enquires please contact our customer service center during normal office hours.

Product Code: 07487

Manufacturer: ASP

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